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Our Offers

Our Offers

Fixed income & equity

Access to major markets – plus resources to help you capture potential opportunities.

  • IPOS
  • Structured products
  • Access to specialized securities
  • Flexible trading – enjoy the freedom to trade how you want and when you want:
  • Pre-market and extended hours trading
  • Simple execution of single trades or block trading capabilities
  • Trade online or work with our dedicated associates

Fixed income

Access our dedicated fixed income specialists, who provide guidance and research on fixed income opportunities.

Our dedicated professionals in the fixed income industry can provide proactive services.

We search the markets and will contact you with offers currently available, based on your preferences.

Customized profiles: your preferences help maintain a customized list of fixed income inventory based on your clients’ needs.

Fixed income products

  • Corporate stock
  • Preferred stock
  • Gilts
  • S. T-bills, notes and bonds
  • Tax-free and taxable municipal bonds
  • S. Agency bonds and discount notes
  • Corporate bonds
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Unit investment trusts (uits)
  • CDS
  • Foreign bonds
  • Structured products
  • New issues

We Always Try to make a Difference

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