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Investment Management

Investment Management

Our investment management philosophy revolves around providing our clients with dynamic investment solutions through deliberate and thoughtful investment analysis in order to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns. Our clients’ unique and personal financial objectives, cash flow requirements, time horizon, risk tolerance and tax situation are all taken into consideration in order to arrive at a long-term investment strategy.

We manage investment portfolios for our clients, investing assets in publicly traded stock, bond and cash markets. We employ proprietary modeling techniques along with exhaustive due diligence research to create solutions that mitigate market surprises, meet individual objectives and deliver compelling returns. During the investment selection process, which is vital to establishing the tone of a client’s investment portfolio, we screen securities for style bias, risk characteristics and return consistency. Additionally, we seek a combination of investments (traditional and alternative) that are complimentary and non-correlated in order to construct portfolios that are truly global and diversified. Our rigorous fund research process, overlaid with our industry expertise, allows us to identify high quality, consistently proven, efficient securities for our clients. This directly results in investment solutions that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility.

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